What is it? Answers 160

Friday, March 09, 2007

921. The other side of the this tool reads "Milwaukee Valve Co.", so it's most likely used to open and close a valve.

922. Glazier's hammer, for use on windows or picture frames.

923. Saw set, patent number 320,753.

924. The most popular guess for this item was that it's a slapstick, though the hinge is on the wrong end for this answer, so I'm not finished researching it yet. Other guesses for it were: neck tie press, lard press, clamp for scaling fish, and for smoothing paper.

925. Cap bombs, a paper cap is inserted into the opening and then the device is dropped on the ground to detonate it. The one on the right is Admiral Dewey.

Here is another example of an early cap bomb, it's marked "Deadshot powder":

926. Beekeeper's foundation press, a wax foundation helps the bees draw out a regular comb.

The patent for a similar device is number 258,251.

From Jack Devitt's collection

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